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Setting Goals

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If nothing succeeds like success, it is equally true that nothing fails like excess.

Because change requires moving beyond our comfort zone, it is best initiated in small and manageable steps. Often we take on to much, too quickly…..think of all these New Year’s resolutions. What happens often is that our goals become so big and so long term, that we tend to lose steam and motivation early on.

When overwhelmed by the demands we not only fail to stick to the plan, but also feed our belief that it is impossible to change lifelong habits.

I believe we all have been there, haven’t we?

Your odds of success are far higher if you focus on one significant change at a time and set reachable goals at each step of the process. This will eliminate the overwhelm effect and therefore the likelihood that you will give up.

And isn’t better to experience success at each step of a progressive process?

I would love to hear your thoughts or experience around it.

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