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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

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August and September were big months for me. I travelled to Europe to get married, to visit family and friends and celebrate our honeymoon. These were all very beautiful and special moments, which will stay in my heart forever. While waiting with my husband at one of the many airports we have been to, little tired from the busses, trains and life out of a suitcase, a thought stroke my mind;

I realized why I love travelling so much despite the hustle and bustle associated with travel. Every time I come back home, I come back little changed. And one of the many things I like about life is the constant change, which helps me grow.

“We are the sum total of those we meet in our lives.”

This quote truly resonates with me. Almost every travel brings new people into my life. And for me there is no better way to learn about myself than through interaction with others. Travel also means discovering new places, new tastes, getting to know to different cultures, religions, etc. The list is endless.  I have been blessed with living in many different countries and this was the greatest education I could have received in my life.

What was it I took away this time? What changed in me after my last travel?

Do you know how sometimes you seem to know something, but more on an intellectual level and then a particular experience makes you understand it TRULY on all levels? For me it was the understanding of importance of family and friendships. Life-changing events like marriage, we celebrate with the loved ones are a great reminder of it. I will make sure to devote as much time as possible for my loved ones.

A second learning came to me while travelling through Italy. I think Italians know a great deal about how to celebrate life. They take the time for celebrating simple yet important things in life. The famous DOLCE FAR NIENTE translates for me into living in a moment, not rushing from one meal to another, one place to another. This makes life so much more beautiful and meaningful and I will do my best to apply it in my daily life.

I am very curious about your biggest observations and findings while on travel?

Feel free to share your stories as a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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Keep travelling and learning!

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