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Let’s play and focus

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focus1-580x315I think we all know the moments, when we go to another room to get something and we forget why we got there in first place. Or we are in a grocery store, looking around, trying to remember what it was we wanted to buy.
Whilst reading this blog, one thing is indispensable. If you want to follow and get the message you need to concentrate. Concentration is the most important quality when working, doing sports, learning new tasks.

Only recently I started to learn mountain biking. I have got the necessary equipment and joined my friends who have a lot of experience and were able to coach me.
There were lots of obstacles, roughness on the way in form of rocks, branches and roots. I noticed one important thing. It was not so much about my stamina and perseverance as it was about focusing. About being fully present. When I was with a full engagement at the matter I was biking very smooth, almost effortlessly.
As soon as my mind drifted into the past, or future, while trying to move on it wouldn’t work well.

The world we live in is full of distractions. I admit that it is a challenge to get focused nowadays. Multitasking seems necessary to succeed. Candidates in interviews are bragging with it, trying to convince the employer how efficient they are.
A good friend of mine is complaining that 24 hours are not enough for her. Hoping to win some time, she goes on and masters herself in accomplishing thousand things at the same time.
How many of you experience it? It is not new to me and I am also struggling with focusing. Even when writing this blog an inner voice seems to remind me on things I put on my to do list for the day.
Try to imagine the chaos your brain is facing when dealing with all these different activities and thoughts at the same time.
There is no way we can think clearly then. It is certainly impossible.

What helps to bring the thinking back on track is concentration.

There is several ways you can learn how to concentrate such as focusing on your breath, meditating, sitting quietly, spending some time in the nature, etc.
A very powerful one is observing small children. I am confident that children are masters of concentration. When children play, draw, or craft it looks like there is nothing else in the world that could distract them. They are fully engaged at the matter. What a delightful experience that is just observing it!
After only a few minutes of observing a child who is fully absorbed with building a tower from blocks, brings my mind into this wonderful mode of focus and presence.

We, adults can learn to focus as well, especially when aware of all the great benefits we get from it. We get a great deal of satisfaction and feeling of happiness after finishing a task, or hobby with full dedication and presence. There are a few activities I experience this wonderful feeling. One of them is cooking. No distractions are allowed to get into my way. I am fully consumed by it.

I am curious what are your activities, which totally absorb you and bring you into a full presence? Write them down and whenever you feel distracted, overwhelmed or stressed go back to them and let yourself indulge in the moment.

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