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I choose versus I have to

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How many times a day to you say I have to? I decided to observe it throughout a day and at some point stopped counting…. I woke up and already had a long list of have-to’s on my mind. I have to go for a run, I have to call somebody, I have to make a laundry, I have to work on my website, I have to transfer some money…. Do you notice the energy around it? Doesn’t feel like it drains the energy?

What really is weird that even very pleasant activities, which suppose to help me to relax like yoga practice, become more a “should” than “want-to.”

Who is saying that I should do it? Am I giving somebody the power to tell me what I have to do? Don’t we have a choice to do things? At the end of the day whatever we do with our day – it lies within our power. Nobody decides for us. “I choose to wake up early on weekend to go for a workout, because I want to feel good”. “I choose to clean my bathroom because I enjoy taking a bath in a clean environment”.

Doesn’t sound better, doesn’t empower you in whatever you do? I feel this difference. Do you?

That is why I decided to stop this inner voice that tells me how much I HAVE TO and change it to I CHOOSE TO.  Not so easy considering that I have been doing it my whole life and we all know that we are creatures of habits. But I also know that we can break a habit and that is empowering. Let’s consciously work on that. And please don’t forget: You don’t have to, it is your choice.

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