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Gentleness is the answer

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You know how you sometimes try hard and harder to focus on what you are doing RIGHT now in this moment? You hope, your mind stays with you, is kind and listens to you and in next moment you are off, wandering all over but THIS moment.

Well, it is frustrating, isn’t? My experience shows that the harder I try, the more wild my mind gets. Why is that? Can’t we put a stop to our thoughts, interrupt them, and take a break from them?

Well, what if you tried the opposite? Stopped trying very hard? Chances are that you are harsh to yourself, creating a tension. Choose gentleness over harshness; humour over seriousness. Simply acknowledge the thoughts, instead of seeing them as something bad.

“It is like criticizing the sky for having clouds” I heard somebody saying.

Try it, or better said, be gentle to yourself and watch what happens. You will be surprised. I was.

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