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photo-ramona-220x165“Anna is a very skilled coach. The methodologies she uses are profound, yet the coaching process is smooth and the transformation is extraordinary. I recommend her to anyone interested in a committed partner to produce breakthrough results in his/her life or business.”

Ramona I.Lacatus, Romania
Accredited Master Coach


sylwia_1-220x165It would seem that having access to wide variety of contemporary sources, we are able to acquire knowledge about ourselves. We often refer to indirect knowledge, not seeking it within ourselves and not referring to our intuition or consciousness. Hence, not only as coach but also as mentor Anna Mrozik will allow you to go back to the source of your wealth of knowledge.

Thank to the presented techniques it becomes easier to manage self-development in a more intuitive manner, using the resources at our every day disposal. After the sessions held with Anna, I experience every day how power coaching allows me to redefine myself through overcoming the clichés of self-perception in order to reach my goal.

Sylwia Bąkowska, Poland

Me-with-colors-by-Jaya-Dassi-220x165I have been coaching with Anna for several months and my experience with her has been uplifting and enlightening. Anna is a very intuitive and sensitive coach, with a light hearted way of working with people to discover obstacles to success and happiness. Anna’s business background and multi-lingual, multi-cultural knowledge provides a depth of life experience as a foundation for her coaching. I highly recommend Anna as a Life coach.

Joanne Finnegan, USA
Account Relations Manager, Coventry Healthcare

Anna is a perfect listener. She does not criticize or impose her opinion on you. This creates an atmosphere of trust that encourages me to express myself without limits. Coaching sessions with Anna help me realize why I react to things the way I do, but also helps me appreciate my way and my personality, and help me work on solutions that will improve the quality of my life.

I have so far done private sessions with her, but recently also couple sessions. My partner and me enjoyed having a third party helping us to open up and understand each other better.

The common feeling after a session with Anna is always a feeling of release and peace. Release for being able to tell your story to a strong listener, but also release because she helps you realize that everything is ok and that it will only be better.

Iris S., Belgium
Business and Financial Analyst

Coaching sessions with Anna revealed to me the unlimited possibilities of our mind. Everything that seemed complicated before has become easy and solution so obvious. The coaching exercises were very purifying for me. I was able to eliminate unconstructive thoughts as well as discover my natural strength. Through a better understanding of myself, i now better understand my environment, which translates into more satisfying and joyful relationships.

I truly connected with my authentic power. Thank you Anna.

Hono, Poland

I started coaching sessions with Anna not knowing much about coaching and also did not have an idea what to expect. I decided to “risk” it. Well, after about a year working with Anna I am convinced that this was the right step in my personal development. Sessions with Anna are every time an interesting discovery within. The methodologies she is using in her practice open the mind and remove roadblocks. It is like a shovel, or a backhoe, which allows you to dig down to the deepest recesses of yourself to discover a beautiful garden under a pile of “junk” that has collected over many years.

I always feel fully understood and heard by Anna. I have a total confidence in her, which helps me to naturally open up. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a Life Coach. Try it and you will not regret it.

Helene, D., Germany
Business Developer

Anna is an inspiration. You will feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be coached by Anna. She is committed, pragmatic and passionate about her work and clients. You can get an incredible mileage from her awesome questions. Her empathetic and intuitive skills will bring to light the challenges that are holding you back from living your best life. Her honest and non-judgemental approach to coaching will allow you to banish your mantras. She will help you to prioritize your personal and professional goals and will leave you with incredible tools to keep you on track even after you complete the sessions. She is passionate about life’s possibilities, which makes her coaching very effective.

Dorota, P., Poland

Anna´s approach is amazing. The techniques she uses allow the coachee to get to the very heart of his/her challenge, suddenly one recognizes what is actually wrong. And Anna´s techniques show the coachee the way to find self-employed approaches how to make things better. I have learnt a lot about myself and the coaching sessions with Anna have helped me to take one step further. Anna is an excellent coach, empathetic and very much to the point.

Sonja S., Germany