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About Anna Mrozik, Life Coach

IMG_0049Founder of UNLIMITED YOU Coaching, Anna Mrozik is a Life Coach helping people transform their lives by empowering them to live to their full potential via her highly effective and specialized coaching program and award-winning tools. Endlessly passionate about her life’s work, Anna is dedicated to guiding her clients to their ultimate personal and professional fulfillment.
Throughout her life, Anna has followed a solid intuition regarding how and why people become motivated, and has always been interested in personal development, growth and transformation. Her co-workers and friends have been (and continue to be) naturally drawn to her, sharing their challenges and seeking her assistance and expertise to overcome them, in the safe, caring atmosphere she creates.

It was the impact Anna has had helping those close to her to achieve their goals that led her to become a Trainer and Mentor, and certified Life Coach.

Anna Mrozik of UNLIMITED YOU:

  • Received certification from the Coaching and Leadership International (CLI) Inc. in Victoria, Canada as an Associate Power Coach and a Certified Group Power Coach
  • Specializes in the award-winning Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK®) methodology
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in International Business and Administration
  • Is fluent in English, Polish and German allowing her to serve even more people
  • Conducts coaching sessions in-person, via phone and via Skype

As a successful professional in the international corporate world, Anna has lived and worked in Poland, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada; her global business background, multi-lingual and multi-cultural knowledge and experience have endowed her with a finely-tuned sensitivity regarding the unique needs and desires of every individual, truly setting her apart from other coaches. Anna’s depth of life experience has provided her an exceptional foundation for her coaching expertise.

Anna delivers on her promise to help as many people as she can to discover their true purpose, so they can experience the lives they genuinely deserve.

Connecting with her clients on a mind- and heart-level, Anna empowers people to rediscover their full potential. To her, there is nothing more rewarding than leading someone to his or her most meaningful, authentic and joyful existence, by utilizing some of the most innovative and effective coaching methodologies available in the world today.

Driven by her commitment to helping others live their best lives, Anna created UNLIMITED YOU Coaching to motivate people to move into action and transform themselves – and their existences – into exactly what they want them to be.

If you’re ready to transform your life into exactly what you want it to be, contact Anna today to set up your initial FREE UNLIMITED YOU Coaching session!